Situated in 50 acres of well fenced, free draining, tended and productive grassland, our Livery provides all-year turnout that is second to none so your horse is relaxed when you arrive, giving you quality time with your horse rather than building on the frustrations of your working day!  We offer a variety of flexible packages based around full livery, which we can tailor to suit you and your horse’s individual needs and requirements.

livery 1

  • Large, airy American barn type stables with rubber matting for additional comfort
  • Secure individual tack rooms or lockers
  • Evening checks
  • All year turnout in small groups of up to 4 horses


  • Worming programme enhanced by summer paddock cleaning
  • Free monthly routine veterinary visit
  • Regular Farrier and Dental visits
  • Use of Indoor Arena & Outdoor Arena 
  • Tuition available on your own horse/pony
  • Exercising/schooling for your horse if you are unable due to work commitments, holidays etc
  • Easy access to excellent off road hacking across the moors and woodlands, quiet lanes, tracks and bridleways


  • Trailer/Wagon storage available
  • Top quality hay and haylage grown on site
  • Dust free bedding available for horses with allergies
  • Starting/Schooling/Holiday/Rehabilitation livery packages available
  • Large car park with plenty of room to turn around
  • Security System


We know your lives can be busy and stressful so we take care of the detail ensuring your horse is well looked after, happy, healthy and contented giving you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about. 

…”I have kept my horses on livery at Turbury Equine in Greetland since the yard opened. The standard of accommodation and the facilities are great and the level of care and attention the horses receive is excellent. Dawn treats each one as though it is her own – and is very thorough in their care and attention. She goes the extra mile – which is something you don’t often find in livery yards. I would not hesitate to recommend Turbury Equine.” Deborah Ascott-Jones.


Rehabilitation Livery

We offer care packages tailored precisely to meet veterinary requirements for injured, pre and post operative horses. Long or short periods can be catered for, encompassing complete box rest with full nursing care to a structured return to work programme. We have regular visits from qualified equine physiotherapists, dental technicians and remedial farriers. Correct nutrition and environment enhancement also form an important part of the rehabilitation process.

Transport to and from a veterinary clinic or your current livery yard can be included as part of the package.

‘In February of this year, following extensive veterinary work, I moved my Thoroughbred mare from our existing yard to Turbury Equine to take advantage of their rehabilitation livery service. The facilities were superb, the indoor arena meant we could bring her back to fitness and the isolation paddocks allowed her to be out without risking any damage to herself. From the moment we arrived the care from Dawn and the staff was second to none, so much so that we decided to stay ! I have no hesitation in recommending Turbury to anyone.’  S Schofield


Starting/Schooling/Sale Livery

Whatever your requirements we can tailor a programme to suit your horse’s needs. We can bring on your horse from essential groundwork to introducing it’s first saddle and rider right through to competition training. We offer short term refresher programmes or a longer term training period for competition or potential sale. Transport from your current yard available.


Holiday Livery

Does worrying about your horse put you off booking a holiday? Or maybe you’ve planned a holiday for yourself but would rather your horse stayed in work? We can offer you peace of mind that they’re being well looked after while you are away. We have a package to suit your requirements which can include transport from your horse’s current home to our yard.

‘…We had a worry free holiday knowing our mare was in such good hands and it was nice to talk to someone who actually knew just what we wanted and could offer so much advice.  As soon as we book our next holiday I’ll be booking her in again.’ J Gill

livery 2



Our haylage is produced from an excellent quality Italian Rye Grass mix on our farm.  Once baled and wrapped, the grass mildly ferments which helps retain essential nutrients that are lost during the drying and storage processes of haymaking.  The fermentation process also inhibits the growth of fungal spores that add to the dust in hay, which may cause horses to have allergic reactions, leading to respiratory problems.

We take great care in the production and delivery of our haylage to ensure it reaches you at its best.  Due to its excellent quality our customers often find they do not need to give their horses as much hard feed, which saves them money, making our haylage an exceptionally cost effective feeding solution.  We will discuss your storage options with you to help you safeguard your bales from damage by birds, animals etc which can result in a bale spoiling.  In the unlikely event there is a problem with a bale which has occurred before delivery we will remove and replace it without delay at no extra cost.


For the ‘good doers’ among the horse population we also grow and bale our own hay produced from a sward mix specifically for this use.  It is particularly good for horses which become too fizzy on haylage or become overweight easily and thus prone to laminitis.  We take great care in its production and storage to reduce the dust content and inhibit mould spore production.  For horses with dust allergies we recommend steaming rather than soaking with water so less essential nutrients are lost.


We also supply barley straw in small conventional bales for feed and/or bedding.  As a feed it can be useful for horse/ponies prone to laminitis and/or obesity when fed with an appropriate vitamin and mineral supplement as recommended by an equine nutritionist/vet.  As a bedding, when used correctly, it provides a warm comfortable bed for the horse.  We double bale the straw to reduce the amount of dust in each bale, which may help to reduce the incidence of dust allergies when using this product.  Again we can advise on storage,  so you can maintain its condition before you use it.