About us


Turbury started life as a mixed farm five generations ago, specialising in milk production during the 1970s and progressing to Suckler Cow and beef production in the early 1990s. Latterly small, family farms have struggled to remain viable as much larger units are more profitable so many have diversified to include farm shops, equestrian centres and so on. The decision to diversify was taken in 2004 and Dawn Lumb returned to the farm to lead the project and begin to set up an Equestrian Centre, realising a lifelong ambition.

It’s been no easy ride as obtaining planning permission was far from straight forward which meant we were unable to meet diversification grant criteria as a result. However we ploughed on and opened a small livery yard in 2007 adding training facilities namely an Indoor Riding Arena and Cross Country Course plus more stables in 2009. In 2010 we achieved British Horse Society (BHS) approval for our Livery Yard and Event Centre. 2014 saw the construction of our new Outdoor Arena completed in October. November 2015 we achieved affiliation to British Dressage Quest Club with Dressage competitions beginning in May 2016 – see Events calendar for more details.

Time rarely stands still at Turbury! Watch this space for news of the expansion plans – exciting times ahead!

Training Facilities

Our Indoor Arena is 20m x 40m with a well maintained sand and rubber surface.

Indoor Arena

Provides excellent protection against the worst weather Mother Nature can throw at us both in summer and winter! You and your horse can stay dry without being blown across the arena and still hear what your Instructor is saying.  Being enclosed, distractions for horse and rider are reduced making concentration easier for both, particularly youngsters and less experienced horses and riders.

The building has a ventilated roof and sides so it does not become stuffy in hotter and more humid weather.  Roof lights improve visibility during daylight hours and electric lighting ensures you can extend your day and ride in the evenings and/or dull days in winter.  All of which make for a more comfortable and productive training experience for you and your horse and results matter to all of us.  Happy horses and happy riders are what we aim for.

Mirrors to enhance your training experience

Mirrors can enhance your training experience with or without an Instructor.  You can check your posture and alignment and if something doesn’t feel quite right you can see what your horse is doing as well as feeling what’s going on.  How useful would it be to see exactly what your Instructor is saying as well as feeling it? – Invaluable!

The sand and rubber surface is maintained, watered and levelled on a regular basis to ensure it remains in excellent condition for both flatwork and jumping.  Dressage letters and jumps are included and we can even supply a sound system if you wish to ride to music.

The Indoor Arena is available for hire for individuals, groups and events with or without jumps.  Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

If you haven’t a regular Instructor we can arrange tuition for you to help work through any problems you are encountering or to formulate and deliver structured training plans.

Outdoor Arena

Our new Outdoor Arena opened October 2014 is 60m x 25m with sand and flexiride surface. It’s perfect for practising 60m dressage tests. Everyone who has ridden on it says how good the surface is including George Whitaker at our Open Day who said “It’s a great surface to jump your horse on.”, so why not come and try it for yourself? Complete with 60m markers and jumps available.

…”A friendly professional run yard, with good facilities. The indoor arena provides a light, dry working environment, the surface is always well maintained, giving your horse enough support, without being too deep. I feel working on a good surface is very important to prevent stress upon the horses limbs. In addition there are a variety of jumps to work with, so building a course can be achieved.” Bekki Marsden BHSII (SM) REGD.


All training facilities are open to Turbury riders and for hire. Regular Training Clinics are run by external Instructors and Professional Riders, please check the Events Calendar and our partner websites for more details.

Please feel free to call for a quote, book a visit and come to look around. Visitors by appointment only, please.



Please could all arena a bookings who are bringing their own instructor ensure their instructor brings proof of their insurance, Thank you.

For all our training facilities and competitions please visit www.turburyequisport.co.uk